Creating a New Vehicle Task

Using Task Management and Vehicle Details page to create a new task.

Cognosos users with Administrator roles may create new tasks in the portal. Tasks created on the portal are shared to the Logistics Mobile App. Using the mobile app, team members then manage tasks assigned to them and move the vehicle through the task lifecycle. Refer to the Logistics Mobile App Knowledge Base for instructions on accessing and using Task Management on a mobile device. 

Open the Tasks page under System Management. Use the Task Management area of the portal to create multiple tasks for multiple vehicles. Use Vehicle Details to create a task for a specific vehicle. The steps are the same regardless of initiation point. A vehicle may only ever have one task assignment. 

Open the Tasks page and choose Create task.

Tasks Create System Management Tasks page with magnification of Create Task button

User must have role Administrator or Cognosos for access to Create task and Download CSV options.

Similarly, click Create Task on Vehicle Details page. 

VD Create Task Vehicle Details page with Create Task in teal

On the Create new task screen input task information. For the Task Name, use a short descriptor that will make sense to task designees, especially if there will more multiple tasks under one heading. 

Task Name, Asset, and Destination are all required to save the new task. Create new task pop up window

You can choose a user to whom to assign the task now or you can come back and input that information later using the Edit function.

A vehicle may only be assigned to a single task. If you choose a vehicle that already has a task associated with it, the system will return an error when you attempt to save the new task. 

Choose Create Task when task information is complete; otherwise choose Cancel to return to the Tasks list without creating a new task. Once saved, the portal returns to the Task list and the new task will be listed. 

Depending on the sort display of your Task list (priority or date created; ascending or descending), the new task(s) may or may not appear at the top of the list. Resort the view accordingly to view the newly added tasks.

A new task has the status of Available when it is not assigned a user. When a user is assigned to the task, the status changes to Assigned and shows on the assigned user's Tasks page in the portal and on the mobile app.