Editing Zone Attributes & Deleting Zones

How to edit zones (name, capacity, size/shape) and remove zones.

The portal provides two inroads for editing outdoor zones: My Lot and Map. Editing of outdoor zones includes the ability to change the size and shape of zone, zone name, and capacity. Zone name and capacity can be changed through both the map and My Lot. Use the map to edit size and shape of zone.

Editing Zone Size & Shape

Zone size and shape are changed directly from the digital map. Locate and highlight the zone on the Zones tab (left-hand pane) to display the zone outline. Set the View/Edit toggle to Edit to turn on editing mode.  

Click zone (shown in teal outline) to re-define the shape. Use standard point and click to re-shape the zone as needed.

Map Edit Zone

Once edits begin, Save and Cancel buttons display in the right pane. Select Save to keep the new shape; Cancel to discard the changes.

Continue with other zone edits or create new zones.

Return map to View mode when all changes are complete.

Editing Zone Name & Capacity

If you need to change the zone’s name or vehicle capacity you can change those directly from the digital map or from My Lot. From the map, locate and highlight the appropriate zone in the left-hand pane. Once the zone is selected (shape turns teal blue) select the Edit icon inside the summary box in the right-hand pane. The map can remain in View mode for this change.

Map Zone Edit icon map with zone selected and shown in teal blue and edit icon highlighted

In the Edit Zone pop-up window, make changes to the zone name and/or capacity. If zone is a designated exit zone, ensure that checkbox is selected.

Select Save to continue and return to the map; otherwise select Cancel to return to the map without zone changes.

From the Zones tab in My Lot, use the search option to locate the zone that needs to change. Select the checkbox next to the zone and click Edit in the Zones menu. If the Edit button is grayed out, ensure one zone is selected.

MLZ Edit Zone My Lot Zones page with Edit button highlighted

In the Edit zone pop-up window, make the name and/or occupancy change. Change the zone type selection (exit monitor or none). Select Save to continue or Cancel to close the window without saving.

The system returns to Zones list. Changes made to zones from either the map or My Lot cross over to the other area. Any search criteria may need to be removed for your next operation (click the X in the search field to reset page to all zones).

Deleting Zones

Being by locating the zone to remove. You can do this either on the map or on the Zones tab under My Lot. 

On the map, highlight the zone in the left-hand menu from the Zones tab. Select Delete icon in Zone Summary Box in the right-hand menu. The map can remain in View mode for this function.

Map Delete Zone map with zone selected and shown in teal blue with delete icon highlighted

Alternatively, go to the Zones list in My Lot. Locate and select the outdoor zone and click Delete in the Zones menu.

MLZ Delete My Lot Zones page with zone selected and Delete icon highlighted

With either method, confirm removal of the outdoor zone with Delete; otherwise choose Cancel to end the process.

Make sure there are no vehicles in the zone before you delete the zone!

Once deleted, the outdoor zone is removed from the RTLS. Ensure you want to take this step, as it can not be undone and may adversely impact tracking abilities, logistics information, inventory data, and the like.