Editing Tasks for End Users

How to edit a task from Task Management for End Users/Standard User Roles.

Once the task has been input by the Administrator and assigned, the first user-based step is for the assigned user to accept the task. Field team members will most often manage their tasks from the mobile app. If on the Cognosos portal, go to System Management (bell icon) > Tasks. Locate and open the task using the pencil icon and select Accept. The portal will display a message that the task was accepted and return to the Tasks list. The status will change to Accepted.

Accept Task Edit assigned task pop up window with Accept button circled in yellow

Start Task Edit assigned task pop up window with Start button circled in yellow

After a task has been accepted by the assigned user, the next step in the lifecycle is to start the task. Other options include to Unassign the task or to Abandon (remove). When the assigned user is ready to begin the task, use the Edit option to change the task status by selecting Start.

The task will change to a status of In Progress. If the task needs to go to another user, click Unassign. To remove the task from the list, choose Abandon Task. The Tasks list updates with the new status accordingly.

When changing the status of a task, the data updates immediately; you do not need to use Save. The Save option is for using when changing the value of a field.

Complete Fail Task Edit assigned task pop up window with two buttons circled in yellowThe task will remain in the In Progress mode until the next step of the task is taken. When the task is done, mark Complete. The status will change to Completed. If the task could not be done, mark Failed to Complete. When this option is selected, the status returns to Available.

Additional options for the task before completion are to Unassign or to Abandon Task.  

When a task is Unassigned, it returns to the Available status. When a task is abandoned, it is removed from the task list entirely. The Abandon option can not be undone.

If a task has been marked Complete by accident or needs to return to the task lifecycle, open the Completed task and select Undo Completion. Task status returns to In Progress when this option is chosen.

Refer to the Logistics Mobile App Knowledge Base or Quick Reference Guide for using the Task Manager on the mobile app. Users can manage their tasks through the app.