Locating Tasks using Search and Filter

Learn how to use Search & Filter to locate specific task(s) on the Tasks page.

Searching Tasks

Open the Tasks page and begin inputting alphanumeric characters in the Search field. The page dynamically refreshes as the portal receives input. Use this option to search within a task name or asset ID number. If you are looking for tasks assigned to a particular user or with a specific status, use the Filter option instead. 

Tasks Search option magnified on System Management Tasks page

Filtering Tasks

Open the Tasks page and select the Filter dropdown list.

Tasks Filter option magnified on System Management Tasks page

Make selections for the filter criteria. You may select multiple primary categories (Select Filters column) and multiple options under each category. 

At any point click the X next to any item to remove it; choose Close to disregard running the filter and return to Tasks list. When filters selection is complete choose Apply

The portal returns to the Tasks list with any tasks meeting the filter criteria.

To remove a single item from the displayed filter (if more than one selected), use the X next to the item next to Selected filters about the table. To remove all filters and return to all tasks, click Clear Filters.

Task filters may not be saved for future use.