Editing Vehicles & Viewing Vehicle Movement

Learn how to view and edit vehicle details and view vehicle movements from My Lot.

Viewing + Editing Vehicle Details

Open the Vehicles page under My Lot. The Vehicle Description column from the Vehicles table allows for quick access to summary details for each of the vehicles listed. Depending on the attributes input for the vehicle, the description may include a more… link. Click to expand the vehicle information. Once expanded, click less… to collapse.

My Lot Vehicles option

To edit vehicle attributes click on the link in the Vehicle ID column to launch Vehicle Details. Alternatively, edit a vehicle’s details using the Edit option on the Vehicles menu. Locate the vehicle to edit on the list and select the checkmark box next to the vehicle. You may select only one vehicle at a time (the button remains grayed out otherwise). Click Edit from the Vehicles menu.

Scroll list to access the various attributes if warranted due to number of fields. Input or change data as needed. The fields may be text input or drop-down lists, depending on the field. Add a new attribute to a field by typing in new value and choose Create {new value}.

Edit Vehicle Details edit vehicles pop-up window of vehicle attributesEdit Vehicle Create New Field

Select Save to complete and close the edit window. The portal returns to the Vehicle Details page and a small pop-up message will appear indicating that the vehicle details were successfully updated. Select Cancel to return to the previous without saving any changes. 

Viewing Vehicle Movements

Dynamically view vehicle movement across the facility to help manage the supply chain, monitor vehicles for issues in the field, and ensure that automobiles are where you need them to be when you need them there.

To access vehicle movements, locate the desired automobile through the Vehicles page in My Lot. Select the Vehicle ID link to open Vehicle Details; click Show Vehicle Movements. The Vehicle Details page displays the historical movement data on the right; the numbered movements match on the map.

VD Show Vehicle Movts

Vehicle Movements map with numbered icons and individual movements for a vehicleBy default, all available movements are listed. Some vehicles will have a long or detailed history, in which case history details should be filtered for ease. 

Select the arrow in the History pane and select the appropriate filter. You may make only one selection. To change a filter, select the arrow and select a different option.

Once a filter is chosen, the pane refreshes to meet that filter criteria. Select Show all to return to all historical movements.

Select Show Current Location to return Vehicle Details to close history pane.

Use the browser’s back arrow to return to the Vehicles list page or take other vehicle actions from here.