Using Search & Filters to Locate Vehicles via My Lot

How to use Search & Filters to locate and view vehicles in My Lot.

Locating Vehicles via Search

Look up and locate any vehicle within the facility using the search feature located in the Vehicles menu bar. Searching supports a wide array of attributes so that you can find the vehicles for which you are searching. The search function here operates the same way as on the Map page. Search by any vehicle attribute (dealer, color, model, model #, etc.). Search by a single vehicle ID or multiple vehicle IDs using the Paste IDs option.

My Lot Search results Vehicles listing with selected filters

As values are entered into the Search field, the vehicle list will auto-refresh displaying all vehicles that have attributes meeting the search criteria.

Matching criteria is highlighted within the Vehicle Description column. To see high level vehicle information, select More... link in the Vehicle Description column. Select to collapse the information.

If needed, export the list to a CSV file using the Download option.  

To clear the search filters, select the X in the Search field or use Clear Filters next to the selected filters. The list will refresh to all vehicles.

When a search is utilized in My Lot, it crosses over to the map and remains on both pages until the search is cleared. 

Locating Vehicles via Filter

Filters provide another mechanism for locating vehicles within the facility. Different than the search function, filters can be saved for future use, which is particularly helpful when, for example, an employee is responsible for certain zones, or dealers, etc.

Compared to Search, which is better for locating individual or smaller groups of vehicles, filter is good for navigating through larger groups of vehicles. The two features can be used together.

From the My Lot Vehicles, select Filters from the top left.

Until a user creates and saves a filter (or Administrator creates system-wide filter), there are no filters listed. Once a filter is created and saved it appears in the drop-down list accessible next to the Filter button. Use the carat to display the list and make a selection.

MLV Filter new filter Vehicles filter drop down list with user and system wide filters

Filters listed with a folder icon represent application-wide filters, which are created by an Administrator and available for all users. Otherwise, the filter is only for the logged in user.



When a filter is chosen, My Lot Vehicles refreshes with the vehicles currently matching the filter criteria. The filter criteria display at the top of list next to Selected filters. Clear a single filter by selecting the X next to that item; remove all by selecting Clear Filters.

MLV Filtered list Vehicles list with filtered data and selected filters showing over the list with save and clear options

To create a new filter, select Filter from Vehicles menu. Alternatively, select the Filters carat and choose Create a new filter from the drop-down menu. The Filter pop-up window opens to select the criteria for filtering the vehicle results.

MLV Filter window pop up window to set vehicle filters

The Select Filters column contains attributes that belong to all vehicles. These values are pre-defined during the system installation process. Attributes listed in the Select filter values column change depending on the selection in the first column. The Selected filters column displays the selections from the first two columns. Because each organization is unique in its set-up and business processes, the filter values (2nd column) shown may be different than your system.

Begin to select the criteria for the filter. You may have multiple selections within the Select Filters and Select filter values columns. The more criteria you select and the more filters you use, the more fine-tuned the results will be.  

Once filter criteria are defined, select Apply. The vehicles list refreshes to display only those vehicles that meet the filter criteria.

Retain the filter for future use by selecting Save Filter.

MLV Save Filter Vehicles list with filters and save filter option highlighted

In the Save Filter pop-up window input a descriptive name for the filter. Administrator users will also have the option to choose whether the filter is user only or system-wide (for all users).