Using Search & Filters to Locate and View Vehicles on the Map

How to use Search & Filters to find and view vehicle information from the Map.

Locating Vehicles via Search

Look up and locate any vehicle located within the facility using the search feature located in the map’s menu bar. Search helps you find a single record based on a particular value. Searching begins with nothing and adds to a list of results based on criteria that matches search input.

Map Search field Cognosos RTLS portal header with Map selected and Search bar magnified Search by any vehicle attribute (vehicle ID, description, vehicle type, year, color, etc.). Search by a single vehicle ID or multiple vehicle IDs.

When inputting data into the Search field, the system searches on all values (alphanumeric) that are in vehicle attributes. The portal filters assets real-time as data is input. As such, a dynamic drop-down list will appear, changing to meet the criteria as it is input into the search field.

Map Search More Less Vehicle search drop down list showing Vehicle IDs with a short list of attributes. One vehicle has been expanded to show full details

To see high level vehicle information, select More Details carat to the right of the asset number for more information about that particular asset. Select Less Details to collapse the information.

Select the Vehicle ID to display the icon on the map and the vehicle summary information in the right window pane. You can go to Asset Details from the map. 

Search results on map with single vehicle icon and vehicle summary data shown on the right

To clear the search filters, select the X in the Search field. The map will refresh.

To search by multiple vehicles IDs simultaneously, copy and paste a list of vehicle IDs from My Lot or copy and paste from another program (you can also download to a spreadsheet). Select Paste IDs to the right of the search field. Use the standard paste function in the pop-up window to input the vehicle IDs (only the vehicle ID works with this feature; no other attribute is supported). 

Select Search to filter the map view based on the search criteria. The map refreshes with just those vehicles. Select Clear All to remove the vehicle IDs (keeps window open) or Cancel to close window and return to default map.

Searches applied to the map cross over to My Lot Vehicles so view that page for a single list of all assets meeting the search criteria.

Locating Vehicles via Filter

Filters provide another mechanism for locating vehicles within the facility. Filters may be saved as application-wide (for all users) by Administrators and standard user (roles) may create and save their own filters. From the Map page, select Filters from the top left.

Until a user creates and saves a filter (or Administrator creates system-wide filter), there are no filters listed. Once a filter is created and saved it appears in the drop-down list accessible next to the Filter button. Use the carat to display the list and make a selection. The map refreshes with the vehicles meeting the selected filter criteria. 

Map Filter list

Filters shown with a folder icon represent application-wide filters, which are created by an Administrator and available for all users. Otherwise, the filter is only for the logged in user.


To start a new filter, select either the Filters button or Create New Filter from the drop-down list. The Filter settings window opens.

New Filter1When running a new filter, select the criteria for the filter. As a selection is made in the Select Filters column, the items displayed under Select Filter values will change. You may have multiple selections within the Select Filters and Select filter values columns. As selections are made, the Selected filters (far right) column displays the filters. 

Click Apply when complete; otherwise, Close.

Once applied the map view updates with just the vehicles or vehicle clusters that meet the filter criteria.

Because the map displays one map layer (zone for example) at a time, you may need to select a different zone to see all the filtered vehicles. If you want to view list of filtered vehicles, use the My Site Vehicles page. 

To view more details for a specific vehicle, zoom into clusters or narrow down the list with more filters and/or search. Click single vehicle icon to display vehicle information in the right window. 

Map filtered view map with a single vehicle icon showing and the vehicle status, tag, and attributes displayed on the right

Use Clear Filters to refresh the map.