Using Search & Filters to Locate and View Tags on the Map

How to use Search & Filters to find and view tag information from the Map.

Locating Tags via Search

Open the map. Locate a specific tag within the facility using the search feature located in the Tag menu bar. Unlike the vehicle search which allows attribute search, the whole, correct, and unique tag ID needs to be input into the Search field.

Map Search tag drop down list showing vehicles with match search criteria highlighted in tags

To view information, select More Details carat to the right of the Vehicle ID for more information about that particular vehicle. Select Less Details to collapse the information.

To clear the search criteria, select the X in the Search field. The map will refresh to all tags.

Locating Tags via Filter

Filtering vehicle tags provides the ability to quickly locate tag groups across the facility. Unlike user-created filters with vehicles, tag filters have pre-defined options (tag operation and battery level status). This feature is available from both the Map and My Lot pages.

Set the Vehicles/Tags toggle in the right-hand menu to Tags if not set already. The default view is all tags, regardless of status. Select Filters from the Map menu.

Map Filter tags listChoose a filter checkbox. As soon as a selection is made, the filter menu closes and the page refreshes. If you’d like to add more filters, repeat the process. You may have multiple filter selections; you just may not select them at one time. Selected filter(s) displays adjacent to the filter button.

Map Filtered Tags

To remove filter, select the X next to the filter option at the top of the map; or open the drop-down menu and deselect the checkbox. This is also the way to refresh the map to all tags. There is no option to save tag filters.