Navigating the Map for Vehicle Information

Learn how to view vehicle information from the map and access additional details.

The map defaults to a cluster view of vehicles that have been defined in the RTLS. The number value in the cluster circle represents the number of smaller clusters or individual vehicles within that cluster. The right menu shows the total number of vehicles across the facility.

To view individual vehicle icons rather than vehicle clusters, set the Clusters toggle to Hide Clusters. Due to volume, this setting is recommended only when using search of filter to decrease the number of displayed vehicle icons.

Click a specific vehicle cluster to drill down to the next layer of cluster views or zoom in using other methods. Continue this process for each vehicle cluster you want details for until you reach the smallest cluster or individual vehicle icon. 

At the individual icon level, the vehicle icon displays according to the vehicle's status:

Map icon legendAttached - vehicle is attached to a tag and is online 

Not attached - vehicle is missing a tag assignment

Lost Signal - vehicle is unresponsive (e.g., dead battery, lost signal or connection to gateway) 

The Exit icon is indicative of vehicle location (rather than status) and signals that vehicle is located in or passed through an area defined as an exit zone. 

To view details for a specific vehicle, select the vehicle icon (or the vehicle link) to open the vehicle summary in the right menu. Scroll down through the window to access all the fields if needed. 

Map Search single details map showing single vehicle icon and vehicle information displaying in right menu paneSome of the values, such as Vehicle ID, VIN are specific to the individual automobile. Other values (attached to tracker, allotted) are based on user input/actions. Some information comes from the way-finding system itself (e.g., current location). The vehicle summary information changes as different vehicle icons are selected. 

Scroll to the bottom of the window and select Click to see more to open the Vehicle Details and Vehicle Movements information for that vehicle.

Vehicle Details main page with yellow arrow pointing to single vehicle iconVarious actions can be taken from the Vehicle Details screen:

  • Set up vehicle alerts and notifications via Subscriptions
  • Manage tag and vehicle assignments
  • Edit vehicle attributes
  • Create vehicle task