Managing Subscriptions for Vehicles & Zones

How to pause/resume and delete vehicle and zone subscriptions.

A subscription provides a mechanism for users to follow vehicle and zone activities. Click the bell icon in the portal menu; click Subscriptions to open the tab.

The Subscriptions tab shows vehicle subscriptions created here (which are for all vehicles),  subscriptions that are set up for individual vehicles using Subscribe, as well as all zone subscriptions.

Subscriptions Main System Management Subscriptions tab showing list of all vehicle and zone subscriptions

The tab displays a row for each subscription and notification medium defined (there is a row for email and row for phone number even when they are the same subscription). Sort the Subscription Date column by ascending or descending order. 

The Notification Source column indicates the type of notification or subscription:

Vehicle:  Single vehicle, all zones

Vehicle/Zone:  Single vehicle, specific zone

Zone:  All vehicles, single zone 

From this tab users may add zone subscriptions, pause/resume, and delete any subscription. 

Pausing/Resuming Subscriptions

Once any vehicle or zone subscription has been set up, you may pause and resume the subscription. This option may be more appropriate than deleting the entire subscription.

All subscriptions include the Pause/Resume option on the main Subscriptions table. You may pause only your own subscriptions.

To temporarily pause the subscription select Pause Subscription. Likewise, to re-start the subscription, select Resume Subscription.

Subs PR Subscription listing showing pause subscription and resume subscription options

Depending on the number of zones and delivery method(s), a single subscription may contain multiple line items to pause/resume. You can pause/resume a segment (e.g., one zone within a selection of zones, or one delivery method) or all of a subscription through your selections.  

Deleting Subscriptions

Remove subscriptions from the subscriptions list, no matter the origin of the subscription creation (Subscriptions, Zones, or Vehicle Details from My Lot). Select the subscription(s) to remove by placing a checkmark for that subscription. You may have one or multiple selections. Click Delete from the Subscriptions menu.

Subs Delete Subscription listing with subscription selection and Delete option highlighted

In the Remove Subscription pop up window select Delete to continue the process or Cancel to return to list without deleting. Consider pausing the subscription if you are unsure whether to delete it.  

The subscription (segment) is removed from the portal.

Depending on a subscription’s parameters, there may be multiple line items to delete to remove the subscription in its entirety. You can delete part (e.g., phone delivery method) or all of a subscription.