Setting Up Vehicle Subscriptions

How to subscribe to a single vehicle and receive vehicle alerts.

Stay alerted regarding vehicle activities or follow the vehicle during throughout the facility. The ability to track vehicles is available to all system users and helps to ensure automobiles are processed in a timely manner. This feature is also useful for ensuring that key people are notified when a vehicle leaves the premises.  

Vehicle subscriptions provide real-time email and/or mobile alerts when a vehicle meets the conditions for a subscription, e.g., get notified when an automobile reaches a certain stage in the staging process, receive alerts afterhours when any vehicle leaves the lot, etc. This is also the place to set up exit monitor alerts, used in tandem with exit zones.  

Locate the vehicle for which the subscription is needed from the My Lot Vehicles list. Place a checkmark next to the vehicle and select Subscribe from the Vehicles menu. Only one vehicle may be selected at a time.

MLV Subscribe My Lot Vehicles list with vehicle selection and Subscribe button highlighted

You can also set up a vehicle subscription from the Vehicle Details screen. 

VD Subscribe Vehicle Details page with Subscribe Vehicle option circled in yellow

Select Any zone or Specific zones to choose the location(s) to add to the subscription (when the vehicle is ‘seen’ in the zone(s) an alert is sent). Scroll the zones and place a checkmark next to any/all zones to which you want to subscribe for the vehicle. When selecting specific zones, you may search zones using alphanumeric characters; use show zones only in a specific building when there are multiple buildings defined with zones across the site.  

Vehicle Sub Zone Click Next to continue.

Enter the time range and days of week to assign for the vehicle alert. Use the days of week checkboxes under the clock to set for specific days or leave set to All.

Vehicle Sub TDClick Next to enter the delivery method or Back to return to zone selection.

Input delivery method for the subscription alerts. The system populates the email address for the logged in user. You may leave, change, or remove that data. To receive SMS alerts, enter mobile number. One delivery method must contain valid information.

Vehicle Sub MedSelect Submit to save to subscription. Otherwise, click Back to change the time range. When vehicle movement meets the subscription criteria, a notification will be sent to the phone number and/or email address set up in the subscription.   

Check your Inbox! When subscribing to an asset via email for the first time, you will first receive an email from Amazon Web Services confirming your permission to email you. You will receive a confirmation email per zone requested with the email delivery method. You must open and confirm each alert by selecting the Confirm subscription link in the email(s). 

View your subscriptions on the Subscriptions page under System Management (bell icon). The page displays a confirmation for each of the subscription zone/delivery methods defined (a subscription comprises one delivery method and one zone). For example, if the subscription is for a single vehicle in three zones and the delivery method is email, there will be three subscriptions. If the subscription is for a single asset in three zones and the delivery method is both phone and email, there will be six subscriptions. 

When a vehicle meets the criteria and a subscription alert is initiated, it will appear on the Notifications page.