Understanding Tasks & the Task Lifecycle

Learn more about the lifecyle of tasks within this article.

The Cognosos Task Management module provides a method for assigning a task to a user, such as relocating a vehicle, and helps to ensure any logistics operation runs smoothly. Task Management is located under the System Management (bell icon) area of the portal. 

Task management allows Administrator users to set up tasks and assign to users across the facility. Tasks have a general lifecycle that is largely managed by the user to whom the task was assigned. Tasks are created from the portal and managed by team members on the Logistics Mobile App. In some cases, the Administrator will intervene in the lifecycle process described in editing a task. Broadly speaking, the task lifecycle is: 

Task Lifecycle a blue and yellow digram depicting the six stages of a task

When a task is assigned to a user, it will appear on the user’s Tasks list when they are logged into the portal or mobile app. Only Administrators can see all user tasks; other users will see only tasks assigned to them. 

Refer to the Logistics Mobile App section of the Knowledge Base for using the Task Manager on the mobile app. Users can manage their tasks through the app. 

If you are an Administrator and need to change a task, go to the Editing Tasks for Administrator Users article.