Editing a Task for Administrator Users

How to edit a task from Task Management for Administrator Users.

Once tasks are created on the portal, they appear on the Tasks page under System Management. Standard role users see tasks that are assigned to them; Administrator user roles see all tasks they created, regardless of task status or user assignment. Learn more about the task lifecycle or how to create a task

Open the Tasks page and locate the task to update. Choose the pencil icon under the Action column for the task’s row.Tasks Edit option magnification on System Management Tasks page

The Edit task window displays the task name and (STATUS) at the top of the window. Edit the task name or change any field using the dropdown lists. Change the priority status using the radio dials. 

Edit task window

Once changes are complete, click Save. To disregard changes, choose Cancel. 

To remove a task altogether, choose Abandon Task at the bottom of the window. Please note that this action removes the task from the Cognosos portal, mobile app, and can not be undone. 

Administrators may also unassign a task from a user. This puts the task status back to Available. Open the task to edit using the pencil icon from the Tasks page and choose Unassign task (if the task has not yet been assigned this option is not available). 

Information on user management of the task lifecycle is here.