Getting Started with the Map

Learn about navigating the map interface, deciphering map icons & using map features.

As one of three primary methods for viewing and accessing information regarding vehicles and tags, the Map option provides a Google-based map view of the property with options to view detailed data, define/edit zones, and locate vehicles and tags.

Select Map from the primary portal menu to access this view.

Map Main map view of site showing vehicle clusters, map options, map icons and legend

The map defaults to the satellite Google image displaying vehicle clusters shown in a blue circle; the number representing the number of assets in that cluster.

The map is in view mode. Depending on your user role the view option may be the only option available; edit functionality is reserved for users with the Administrator user role or higher.

Map Overview + Iconography

At its most “zoomed” out view the map provides summary cluster information for either the vehicles or tags, depending on the selection. 

At the individual icon level, the vehicle icon displays according to the asset’s status:

Map icon legend for vehicle icons yellow square with broken wifi signal for lost signal, a gray circle with a broken link for not attached, a dark blue circle with a cube for attached, a red triangle with crescent and arrow for exit

At the individual icon level, the tag icon displays according to the tag’s status:

Map legend tags Map icon legend for tag icons yellow square with broken wifi signal for lost signal, a gray circle with a broken link for not attached, a teal circle with a bullseye for attached, a red triangle with crescent and arrow for exit

If your facility utilizes exit monitors, you may see a red triangle icon on the map when viewing clustered vehicle information. This indicates that there are vehicles currently located in a zone identified as an exit monitor zone. 

Map Views + Menus

Use the Satellite and Map options in the upper left corner of the map to switch between the Google satellite view and drawn outline view of the facility. For a full screen view of the map (or to return to the window view) use the screen toggle option located on the top right corner of the map.

Zoom in and out by using the + and - buttons on the bottom right; use your track pad if your device supports that feature.

The left menu pane contains geo-map definitions (zones, structures) and real time asset counts for each zone. Use the carat arrows adjacent to the search bar to open and close the left menu pane. 

A zone is any physical space or area on the lot that holds vehicles (e.g., garage, parking lot, parking space, car wash, etc.). A structure can be the entire facility or specific buildings/lots within the facility; a structure contains the zones.

Map Left PaneThe Zones tab can be searched by a specific zone or all zones across the facility by selecting the desired radio dial. The Search box provides standard search functionality. The zones list refreshes as numbers and/or letters are input.



When you select a zone from within the Zones list, the map dynamically refreshes to display the selected zone in teal blue and the right-hand menu displays the number of assets and free slots in that zone.

Map Zone Selection with zone details in right menu, yellow arrow points to zone information box

The right pane provides a map legend, options to change cluster views and map mode (mode only for Administrator user roles).

The number of vehicles shown is the number of attached vehicles (regardless of attached status). Nonattached vehicles are NOT included in the map display; run a filter to view nonattached vehicles.

Vehicle clusters are the default view mode. Set to Hide Clusters to display individual vehicles or tags (setting applies to both). This is recommended only when you've used search and/or filters to decrease the volume of displayed vehicles or tags. 

Use the Vehicles/Tags toggle in the right-hand menu to switch the display between vehicle and tag clusters.

OnSpot launches the OnSpot reporting feature.

When in the map is in edit mode, the right menu provides facility management functions related to zone management. Edit is available only to Administrator user roles and higher.