Viewing System Notifications & Exception Reporting

How to view tags that are unresponsive (lost signal).

The Cognosos portal provides exception reporting regarding the responsiveness of tags and notes these exceptions on the Notifications tab. Tags listed on the report are likely to have bad/critical batteries or the equipment has lost communication with the gateway for another reason. Select the bell icon from the portal menu, then Notifications to open the tab.

Notifications System Management Notifications tab showing all the tags with lost signal messages

The list displays tags that have become unresponsive defaulting in date descending. Use the Search field to locate a specific vehicle ID (search by vehicle ID only). Select the Date and Time column header to resort to ascending. Notification Origin indicates the vehicle to which the tracker is attached. The Notification Message identifies the tracker.

Download the exception report using Download from the Notifications menu bar.

Click the Vehicle ID link to open the Vehicle Details and Vehicle Movements data for that vehicle/tag.