Setting Up Exit Monitor Zones

Steps for designating exit monitor zones to receive exit alerts.

To detect accidental asset loss and protect data integrity, the RTLS provides the ability to alert management and key team members when an asset is within range of leaving a specific zone via the use of exit alerts. These exit monitors are set up through zone creation and monitored through zone subscriptions. Exit monitor alarms also display under system events.

Exit monitors alone will not prevent assets from leaving your facility or prevent loss of assets. They are a tool to enable your staff to detect if an asset is in an exit zone and can help you see patterns to allow you to recover assets or plan strategies to prevent future loss.

Designating an Exit Monitor Zone

Exit zones are generally set up by the Cognosos Installation Team when your system zones are created. Cognosos along with your organization configures exit zones based on best practices and facility layout. 

To utilize this feature, zones first need to be designated as exit zones. If you suspect a zone should be an exit monitor zone, open My Lot; go to Zones. Locate the zone and choose Edit from the Zones menu.

MLZ Edit Zone My Lot Zones tab with zone selection and highlight of edit menu option

Ensure the Exit Monitor box is checked; otherwise, this zone will not be designated as an exit monitor zone.

Zone window EM Edit Exit Door zone pop up window with Exit monitor radio dial selected

View the Map to see zones assigned as exit monitors by looking for the exit monitor icon:

EM icon red triangle icon with white crescent and arrow inside icon


Viewing Exit Monitor Zones on the Map

The location of the exit monitor zone coincides with specific areas of the facility and/or lot that signal when an asset is in jeopardy of leaving an assigned area or the facility/lot at large. From My Lot, open the Zones page and search for the exit zone(s). Click the zone in the Zone Name column to launch the map.

If you are already on the map search for exits on the Zones tab from the left menu pane. Select an Exit zone to highlight the zone on the map. Exit zones are outlined in teal when selected under Zones on the left. Once zone is selected, the right side of the map shows the exit monitor zone name and information regarding inventory counts in the zone.

Map EM Zone select map with exit zone selection and arrow pointing to red icon designating the zone

You can also you use the Filter option to filter the maps to defined exit zones.

Map Filter EM Filter option from the map showing Zone Types selection and Exit Monitor as the zone type

Exit monitor zones are treated no differently than other zones in the portal. Take steps to edit or delete the zone or create an exit monitor subscription.