Setting Up Zone & Exit Monitor Subscriptions

How to create subscriptions for zones, including exit monitor (alert) zones.

Unlike single vehicle subscriptions that are created directly from the Vehicles and Vehicle Details pages, subscriptions set up here are for all vehicles in a specific zone(s). If you need to create a subscription for an individual vehicle, refer to Single Vehicle Subscriptions. You can also set up subscriptions for a specific zone from the My Lot Zones tab.

Creating New Zone Subscriptions: Zones Tab

Use this option to create a subscription for a single zone. Open My Lot and choose the Zones tab.

Locate and select the exit monitor zone for which you’d like to set up the subscription and select Subscribe. The button will remain grayed out if there are zero or more than one zone selected.

You must select a zone to activate the Subscribe button.

MLZ Subscribe option My Lot Zones tab with zone selection and Subscribe button highlighted

Input the time and days of week criteria for the zone subscription, which works the same as vehicle subscriptions. Click Next to input delivery medium (mobile, email).

Save the zone subscription. New subscription is added to the Subscriptions page with the Notification Source of Zone.

User subscriptions can be managed from the System Management (bell icon) Subscriptions page.

Creating New Zone Subscriptions: Subscriptions Tab

Initiate zone subscriptions from this tab to set up a subscription for one or multiple zones in the same subscription. Open System Management (hamburger menu or bell icon) and select Subscriptions.

To create a new subscription select Subscribe on the Subscriptions menu.

Subscriptions Subscribe option

Subscriptions can be set up for all zones or a specific zone. Select the radio dial for either option. For Selected zones use the pick list to choose one or more zones for the subscription. Use the Search field to quickly pull up a specific zone or set of zones (exit zones). Select Next once zone selection is complete.

Subs Zone Type Create zone subscription window with specific zones radio dial selected and list of zones

Here you can search + select exit monitor zone(s). Subscriptions for exit monitors are treated like any zone subscription. 

The remaining subscription input and workflow follows that of vehicle subscriptions. Enter the time range for the zone subscription; make necessary changes to the days of week. Click Next to input delivery medium. Click Submit to create the subscription.

The new subscription is added to the Subscriptions list with the Notification Source of Zone. There is a line item for each zone and each delivery method in the subscription.

For first time subscribers, when email is selected, a confirmation email is sent (Amazon Web Services) and must be confirmed to receive the subscription email notifications. Check your junk email folder if you do not see this confirmation email.