Getting Started with Task Management

Learn the basics of Task Management & viewing tasks.

A task management system provides logistics and automobile organizations with a workflow tool to help operations run smoothly and for vehicles to be in the right place at the right time. Task management provides a method for assigning a task to a user, such as relocating a vehicle, to help team workflow and efficiency.

Task Management is an add-on module that may or may not be included with your system. The Tasks button will be absent from the System Management menu when this flag is set to off in your Cognosos portal.  


Task management allows Administrator users to set up vehicle tasks and assign to users across the facility. Using the Logistics Mobile App, team members manage tasks assigned to them. This section of the Knowledge Base covers the portal's Administrator functionality. Refer to the Logistics Mobile App articles for instructions on accessing and using Task Management on a mobile device. 

To access task management, select System Management (from the hamburger menu or bell icon) and select the Tasks option. The Tasks page opens, listing tasks that have been created, along with important task-related information.

Tasks Main with listing of vehicle tasks in various states and tasks button highlighted

Sort the Priority or Created On status columns to resort the view. You can also filter or search tasks, create tasks, download the table to a CSV file, and make task edits from this page. These functions are described in the articles within the Task Management section of the Knowledge Base. 

More information about the Task Lifecycle will be helpful for understanding the workflow.