Navigating the Map for Tag Information

Learn how to view tag information from the map and access additional details.

The map view defaults to vehicle clusters when opening. Change the default view to tags by selecting changing the Vehicles/Tags toggle in the right-hand menu. The map displays icons for the tags.

Map Tags toggle map view of facility with blue icons representing tag clusters, map icons, and Vehicle Tags toggle set to Tags

To view individual tag icons rather than tag clusters, set the Clusters toggle to Hide Clusters. Due to volume, this setting is recommended only when using filter to decrease the number of displayed tag icons.

At the individual level a tag icon will show according to the tag status: 

Map legend tagsAttached - tag is attached to an vehicle and active

Not attached - tag is missing a vehicle assignment

Lost Signal - tag is unresponsive (e.g., dead battery, lost signal or connection to gateway)

Exit denotes location more so than status; indicates that tag is located in or has last passed through a defined exit zone

Click on the individual tag icon open the Tag Summary box in the right-hand menu on the map. 

Map tag info map view of the facility showing tags and single tag details shown on right

Tag ID: unique tag identifier

Tag Status: current status*

Attached to asset: unique vehicle identifier                     

Battery level: current charge level reading for tag battery (normal, low, critical)

Internal temperature: temperature of tag; reported by firmware

Firmware: current firmware version on tag

Use Click to see more to open the Vehicle Details page, which displays vehicle data dependent on the tag status.


*When the status is lost signal the data reported is the last known data when the tag was operational and online.