Using Search & Filters to Locate and View Tags in My Lot

How to use Search & Filters to locate and view tags in My Lot.

This article covers finding vehicle tags. If you need data on driver tags, use this FVL article

Locating Tags via Search

Open the My Lot Tags page. Locate a specific tag within the facility using the search feature located in the Tag menu bar. Unlike the vehicle search which allows attribute search, the whole, correct, and unique tag ID needs to be input into the Search field.

MLT Seach-1 My Lot Tags page with magnification of search

When the list refreshes the single tag will appear. Available actions for the device are dependent upon the tag status. When a tag has the Attached status, select the Vehicle # to open Vehicle Details; when the tag is not attached, either view its location on the map or attach a vehicle.  

Select the X in the search field to clear the search and refresh the list. Search results carry over to the map until cleared.

Locating Tags via Filter

The Filter option on the My Lot Tags page provides the ability to locate tags across the facility based on tag status, signal status, and battery level. Unlike filtering vehicles, the tag filter provides pre-defined options and no new filters may be saved. Select Filter from the Tags menu and choose one of the pre-defined filters.

MLT Filter list My Lot Tags page with Filter drop down listTag status (e.g., attached) and signal (e.g., lost signal) are independent of one another, but may impact each other (e.g., a lost signal due to storm power outage).

Make the appropriate selection. The tags list refreshes showing only tags with the operational status or battery level selected. The filter will appear next to the Selected filters field. You may choose more than one filter option (e.g., attached and critical battery).  

MLT Filtered list My Lot Tags page with filtered list resultsDepending on the tag status, one of several functions can be performed:

For Attached, select the link in the Connected to vehicle number column to open the Vehicle Details page. View available movement history data and take one of several actions available from that page (show on map, subscribe, create task, navigate to vehicle, etc.). Data available depends on tag status (has/lost signal).

For tags with a status of Not attached, choose Show on map to view the last known location, if available. In some cases, location will be unknown. For unattached tags, the available action is to attach to a vehicle.

Lost signal Tags may have a connection status of Attached (shown by link in Connected to vehicle # column) or Not Attached. The lost signal, attached status offers a limited amount of information. Historical movements may not be fully available; however, many actions can be taken (e.g., detach tag, edit details). With lost signal, unattached tags, you can see limited data and attach (so long as the battery level is good). Any issues with that battery, hardware or firmware will need to be addressed to bring the tag online so that it can be attached to a vehicle. Contact Cognosos Support for additional help or RMAs if needed.

Click the X in the filters display to clear the filter and refresh the page. Any filters applied in My Lot will transfer over to the map until cleared.