Using the Map to Add a Zone

Learn how to draw and add a new zone to the Cognosos portal from the map interface.

When zone additions or changes are needed, the operations are available only to users with Administrator user rights. Even then, consult with Cognosos Customer Success team to ensure the creation or re-assignment of zones will not cause any issues in providing accurate location and inventory information.

Although adding new zones is not performed regularly, the RTLS provides the ability to add zones to the outdoor geo-map. This feature can be accessed from the My Lot and Map pages. On the map, select the View/Edit toggle in the right-hand menu to turn on edit mode. Select Draw Outdoor Zone from the right-hand menu (only available when map is in Edit mode). The mouse pointer will change to a crossbow and the Draw Outdoor Zone button will gray out.

Map Edit Mode satellite map of site in edit mode

If you are on the Zones page in My Lot click Create from the Zones menu bar to launch the map then follow the same procedure.

When in edit mode, defined zones shown on the digital map will change from blue to teal and vehicle clusters and icons will disappear leaving just the geo-fences and the Google satellite view.

Use Indoor map to switch to a map view; Outdoor map (button changes) when you want to return to satellite map mode.

The drawing feature uses standard point-click-drag-release functionality. Click to place a point on the map, drag the crossbow to create a line, click to end that line/start the new line, drag the crossbow to the next location and click. Continue this process to create the (relative) shape of the zone. As a line is drawn it is gold. Draw the full perimeter of the zone until back to the original point to complete the zone shape.

Map Outdoor Zone Confirm map showing new zone drawing complete

At any point, select escape (esc) on your keyboard to exit drawing mode. Please note, this does not take the system out of edit mode; it merely exits drawing mode.

The portal automatically sets the center point of the zone based on the drawing. Use the Reset the center point option on the right menu to move. Click, drag, and release the red balloon icon inside the shape.

Select Confirm shape in the right menu to save the newly drawn zone. Otherwise, select Cancel to delete the shape and exit drawing mode (this does NOT exit Edit mode; use the toggle).

Input zone name and vehicle capacity for that zone.

If this is a designated exit zone, select Exit Monitor; otherwise choose None of the above checkbox.

Create zone window

Select Save to add the zone to the portal and return to the map with the new zone shown in teal. The new zone also appears on the Zones tab under My Lot.  

Use Change Shape to return to the drawing board. Select Cancel to return to the map without saving the new zone.

Remember to click the View toggle in the right-hand menu to return the map to the view mode once the outdoor zone creation process is complete so that other changes are not accidentally made.