Getting Started with Tag Inventory

How to locate and view tag status, signal, and battery information from My Lot.

The Tags tab in My Lot provides a way to view tags and tag health, attach and detach tags, and link to individual vehicle movements and history. A location link also takes users to a Google map noting the tag’s location. Refer to Map Navigation on using the map to view and locate tags.  

A tag is a device (e.g., hangtag on rearview mirror) that is placed inside the vehicle and provides wayfinding services.

When the Tags tab is opened the page defaults to a list of all tags.

ML Tags main My Lot Tags page listing tags with different signals and statuses

The Tag ID, Battery Level, Firmware, and Internal Temperature columns are sortable. Hover and click over the column you want to resort. At any point the list can be saved to a CSV file using the Download option in the Tag menu bar. This option downloads the data to a CSV file that can be saved to your local drive. When available, use the Show on Map button to view the icon on the map. 

A tag will show as attached or not attached in the Connected to Vehicle # column. Tags will have a signal status of:

Has Signal: Tag is communicating with the gateway; may or may not be attached

Lost Signal: Displayed when the tag is unresponsive and can not communicate location (e.g., dead battery, lost signal or connection to gateway)


Battery levels are independent of tag attachment and tag signals, although may contribute to a lost signal message if the battery runs out.

Use this page to attach and detach tags from vehicles and to gain an overall view of tag status and battery health.